Tuesday, August 4, 2009

pBlog: Powerpoint slides and Blog

pBlog stands for Powerpoint presentation on blogs. There is no direct link or a programme where in we can embed or link ppt on blogs. But there is one site which can help us in presenting our ppt slides on blogs. Before I say a word about that site, let me write a few lines on ppt.
PPT has been explored by several researchers and teachers as ICT tool in effective teaching. In the classroom enviornment, we can have immence opportunities in using video, audio, graphics, images, charts etc through ppt slides. Movies, plays, audio recitation of poems, graphical presentation of parts of speech and other grammar activities can be used in remarkably exceptional way.
Well, if this classroom-ICT-tool is synergised with web-ICT-tool, it can help us in exploring wider horizons. Now, let me come to the website about which I skipped writing earlier. The site is welknown and most of you must be using it. http://www.slideshare.net/. This site gives us free space to upload our ppt presentations. Well, that is not as important as what else it does. It helps us to embed ppt presentation from slideshare.net to http://www.blogger.com/. It is this synergy between the classroom tool and web tool which gives us immence opportunity to explore wider vistas in ELT.
Here are the links given to some of the examples of such synergy.
Click on the links given below to view ppt presentations on blogger.com.

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